About the IOHE

Today, the IOHE is:

A reflective and action-oriented forum of over 350 members from Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), research centers and national, regional, and international associations

A common space composed of 28 countries divided into 9 regions: the Andean countries, Brazil, Canada, the Caribbean, Central America, Colombia, Mexico, the Southern Cone, and the United States

A network of 5 million decision-makers, leaders, professors, researchers and students in higher education across the Americas

40 years of experience in internationalization, leadership and training

Dozens of conferences and international university missions including 8 editions of CAIE: Canada-2010, Brazil-2012, Mexico-2013, Ecuador-2015, Canada-2017, Colombia-2019, Chile-2021 and USA-2023.

Training offer that includes virtual and classroom seminars, trainings and workshops.

1 initiative to promote academic exchange in higher education, eMOVIES.

Scholarship program that facilitates access to our training activities.






Training Offer



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