IOHE Regional Assembly of the Andean Countries region

June 15, 2023
Written by OUI IOHE

The IOHE Regional Assembly of the Andean Countries region took place at the Franz Tamayo University (UNIFRANZ), Santa Cruz, Bolivia, on June 14.

The main objective of the meeting was to present the institutional priorities of the IOHE for the current year, both at a general and regional level, as well as to receive contributions and comments from the representatives of the Higher Education Institutions that make up this region.

In this sense, the following agenda was developed:

  1. General presentation of 2023 IOHE activities, IOHE Executive General Secretary, David Julien
  2. Report 2021-2023, Regional Vice Presidency Andean Countries, Osvaldo Corrales, Rector of the University of Valparaíso, Chile
  3. Contributions and comments from participants
  4. Electoral process for Regional Vice Presidency Andean Countries 2023-2025
  5. Congress of the Americas on International Education (CAEI)
  6. Final considerations

It should be noted that the Regional Assembly was part of the “IV International Higher Education Forum: Technological Innovation and Governance of Higher Education” that UNIFRANZ organized and which was held in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia from June 14 to 16.

We thank UNIFRANZ for being the host institution of our Assembly and for opening this important forum to all IOHE members without participation costs.


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