IOHE Scholarship Program

Aware of the great challenges that the field of Higher Education has been facing, and based on our values of solidarity, cooperation and inter-Americanism, we present the IOHE Scholarship Program, which seeks to strengthen IOHE member higher education institutions, facilitating access to their training activities by offering full and partial scholarships.

Joint Scholarship Program

In alliance with IOHE member institutions, we periodically offer joint scholarships at the master’s and doctoral levels aimed at developing the capacities of our affiliated HEIs.

1. What is the number of scholarships awarded by a higher education institution (HEI) in a training activity?

One scholarship will be awarded per IES respecting the maximum number of scholarships assigned to each training activity.


2. Is it possible to apply for the same scholarship for different courses?

If your HEI applied for a scholarship to take a training activity and if the candidate was not chosen as a beneficiary, you can submit a new application to another training activity.

In the event that a candidate has been a beneficiary of one of the scholarships, he/she can no longer present his/her application to another training activity but his HEI can apply for another representative. Priority will be given to new institutional applications, that is, to those coming from HEIs that have not previously applied for a scholarship, but the possibility of choosing a previously beneficiary HEI will be maintained if there is space available.


3. Is it mandatory to have the support of my institution?

Yes, it is necessary to have the letter of institutional support.



4. Can a student from a member HEI apply to the scholarship program?

No, the OUI scholarship program is aimed only at teaching, management or administrative staff of IOHE member HEIs.


5. I completed the Expression of Interest Form. I must also fill out the Application Form for a scholarship.

Yes, you must also complete the Application Form. The Expression of Interest Form provides important information to IOHE regarding the degree of interest in training activities but does NOT represent an application or application for a scholarship.


6. What is the deadline to apply for a scholarship and the deadline in which IOHE will communicate the allocation of said benefits?

The call for each training activity will indicate the deadline for applying as well as the dates for responding to the request.


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