6th Edition of the ciKi

April 28, 2016
Written by OUI IOHE

The 6th Edition of the International Conference in Knowledge and Innovation (ciKi 2016), to be held in October 31st  and November 1st, 2016 in Bogota, Colombia, opens its Call for Proposals. Papers could be sumbitted in three modalities: Full, Paper, Short Paper and Case Study, around six themes defined by the Academic Committee of the event:

  1. Innovation Ecosystems:
  • Creating innovation ecosystems
  • Organizational models and governance of innovation ecosystems (PCT, Innovation Habitats Smart Cities, etc.)
  • Measurement and evaluation of the impact of innovation
  • Innovation Labs in the public sector
  • Innovation and Creative Industries
  • Business incubation and innovation
  1. Knowledge Engineering:
  • Technological knowledge management
  • Knowledge Engineering Innovation
  • Knowledge engineering applied to organizations
  • Knowledge engineering applied to e-government
  • Theory and practice of knowledge engineering
  1. Knowledge Management:
  • Intellectual capital management
  • Intellectual capital and business innovation
  • Knowledge management, entrepreneurship and innovation
  • Knowledge management for sustainability
  • Theory and practice in knowledge management
  1. Knowledge Media:
  • Media knowledge and innovation
  • Media and knowledge in education
  • Media and dissemination of knowledge
  • Theory and practice of media knowledge
  1. Innovative and Entrepreneurial University:
  • Knowledge transfer and innovative entrepreneurship
  • Research management and innovation
  • Entrepreneurship ecosystems in universities
  • Models for the development of entrepreneurial and innovative universities
  1. Management and Practice of Social Innovation:
  • Innovative processes for social inclusion
  • Concepts and methodologies for social innovation
  • Corporate social responsibility and social innovation

The Call for Proposals will close on July 29th, 2016, at 24:00 GMT-5.  All works should be sent through the EasyChair platform following the regulations established by the Academic Commitee. More information

For further information: ciki@oui-iohe.org



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