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The structure of IOHE logo conveys the mission and values that the organization has always upheld. The IOHE positions itself as a reference as an inter-American leader and a strategic ally of HEIs, with the aim of consolidating their role as a driving force for social change and to overcome social inequalities, while promoting knowledge and learning society.

This image is conveyed by the abstract representation of the American continent, crossed by a series of three waves whose perpetual motion north/south – south/north is reminiscent of the union and relations between the nine regions that make up the IOHE, the effervescence and mobility that characterize the internationalization of higher education and the wind of renewal that blows in the sector.

The color ORANGE conveys a sense of movement and highlights the strength with which the IOHE has triggered innovation, energy and creativity within its network.

The color GREEN anchors this signature and the place that the IOHE has carved out over time within the university community. Green is indeed the symbolic color of growth, stability and balance.

This image is a reflection of the strength of the IOHE in its environment and a sign of its opening to a world “without borders”, like its founders intended.



IOHE logo must be included in all promotional and outreach pieces, as well as in informative documents prepared within the framework of projects or agreements supported by the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE).

The proportions of the logo are determined and fixed. Under no circumstances should their format or structure be altered or changed.

Las proporciones del logo son determinadas y fijas. Bajo ninguna circunstancia deben alterarse o cambiar su formato o estructura.

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*The logo of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) is the exclusive property of the organization and is protected by international law. Its use without authorization is prohibited. For more information or additional requests: [email protected]


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