Consulting Service for the Development of Higher Education Internationalization Strategies

Internationalization: A strategic axis of the IOHE

 With a membership of more than 350 higher education institutions  (HEIs) throughout the continent and the experience of more than 40 years of inter-institutional cooperation, the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) has become a strategic partner for the promotion and development of the internationalization of higher education.

Working at various levels of intervention, both in training and capacity building for the strategic management of internationalization (DIES Program) and in the promotion of a common space for the internationalization of higher education (CAIE), we have developed expertise in key components of internationalization such as diagnostics, planning and management of internationalization, strategies for student mobility, internationalization of the curriculum and professionalization of internationalization managers, which we are pleased to put at the service of our membership and higher education institutions wishing to improve their international profile.

What do we offer as a service?

Consulting for the development of internationalization strategies consists of a process of accompaniment that involves the diagnostic, planning and design of internationalization strategies, as well as a roadmap for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of results. It also includes the development and transfer of skills so that institutional teams (administrative, academic and authorities) can continue to effectively implement their strategies and project future developments for their institution.

Consulting for the development of internationalization strategies includes the following services, which are adapted to the level of development, conditions and particularities of the institution:

  • Diagnostic of the status and processes of internationalization within the institution.
  • Development and/or assessment of the institution’s strategic plan for an effective internationalization plan according to institutional needs (strategic planning and management, mobility, internationalization of the curriculum, internationalization of research, etc.).
  • Roadmap for monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the internationalization strategic plan.
  • Professionalization of the staff of the international relations offices and other internationalization actors.
  • Support for the development of strategic alliances with other HEIs in the continent and integration into communities of knowledge and practice that support the viability of the institution’s internationalization plan and create new initiatives.
  • Network of contacts and regional alliances with other institutions for mobility and academic exchange.


What are the advantages for the institution?

  • Accompaniment in the design, implementation and evaluation processes.
  • Personalized consultancy designed and applied to the reality of your institution.
  • A team of high-level specialists, knowledgeable of local and national contexts, but with an inter-American perspective.
  • Methodology based on practical experience and evidence of results.
  • Saving time and effort to achieve effective results in internationalization.
  • Development of institutional capacities for the implementation of internationalization strategies.
  • Support for the development of strategic alliances and knowledge communities.

Why the IOHE?

A broad network of specialists: This brings together experts from higher education institutions in the Americas and other sectors with which the Organization weaves alliances.

Expertise in capacity building and support to institutional teams: Since 2008, we have promoted the professionalization of internationalization actors through the Diploma in Internationalization of Higher Education (DIES), an innovative professional updating program that prioritizes the integration of professional practice areas, the comparative and regional vision of issues related to the internationalization of higher education, as well as the exchange with peers in HEIs from different latitudes of the continent.

A Regional Forum for Internationalization: Since 2011, the IOHE leads the Executive Secretariat of the Conference of the Americas in International Education (CAIE), one of the main regional academic forums in this field, which seeks to create a common space for the discussion of current challenges, new paradigms, best practices, and future trends in international higher education.


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