IOHE Structure

President's message

Framed in the 2023-2030 Strategic Plan of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education, I have the planning and development project for this period 2023-2025, which includes four strategic objectives and 16 lines.

The objectives include a Diversifying Offer that responds to the challenges of society, the strengthening of Strategic Alliances, responding to the call of UNESCO that in 2022 invited higher education to commit to more results in the Contribution to the SDGs. and Organizational Excellence that guarantees greater efficiency in our management.

—Maritza Rondon Rangel, President, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Colombia

Executive Director's message

While we were still going through the pandemic and the world of higher education was in turmoil, our members expressed their desire for the IOHE to be aligned with the international sustainable development agenda set for 2030. We have therefore embarked on a major consultation process led by our governing bodies and work teams, with the valuable collaboration of a 12-member Advisory Council from our nine regions and the input of more than 200 higher education institutions that responded to the call through surveys and regional meetings.

On behalf of all parties involved, I am proud to present the IOHE 2023-2030 Strategic Plan which is both the result of a reflection and analysis of our organizational past, combined with a projection towards innovative and diversified lines of work, always oriented towards the needs and priorities of our members. Our vision is clear: to strengthen IOHE’s relevance as the leading association for the internationalization of higher education in the Americas. Join us!

— Dr. David Julien, IOHE Executive director

IOHE Structure

The IOHE relies on a participative approach to attain its objectives. Member institutions, represented by its legal representative, together make up the General Assembly, the supreme decision-making body of the Organization.

The General Assembly participates in the election of the Board of Directors, its President as well as its Vice Presidents and ratifies the election of the Regional Councils. It designates the Executive Director, the Treasurer and the Legal Advisor.

The General Assembly identifies priorities, establishes annual fees and other questions of financial contribution, establishes the aims and adopts the decisions or useful recommendations for the effective management of the Organization.

The General Assembly meets once a year at a date and location decided by the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors is the body responsible for managing the administrative affairs of the IOHE. It is comprised of 13 experienced members who typically sit at the head some of the largest universities in their respective countries.

The Board of Directors strives to maintain a balanced representation of public, private, cooperative and denominational universities from across the Americas.

Each of the nine IOHE regions is under the responsibility of a Regional Council, presided over by a Vice President who serves a renewable two-year term. They provide support for the President, the General-Secretariat, and the Executive Directors of IOHE programs, which together form the Executive Committee.

The Board meets twice a year, in addition to maintaining regular contact between meetings.

Currently, it is comprised of:

  • President: Maritza Rondón Rangel, President, Universidad Cooperativa de Colombia, Colombia
  • Executive Director: David Julien, Canada
  • Treasurer: Valérie Amiraux, Vice-Rector, Community and International Partnerships, Université de Montréal, Canada
  • Outgoing President: Oscar Garrido Alvarez, President, Universidad de Los Lagos, Chile
  • Regional Vice Presidents:
    • Andean Countries: Walter Mera Ortiz, President, Universidad Católica de Santiago de Guayaquil, Ecuador
    • Brazil:  Alfredo Gomes, President,  Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil
    • Canada:  Joy Johnson, President and Vice-Chancellor, Simon Fraser University, Canada
    • Caribbean: Ana E. Cucurella – Adorno, President, Caribbean University, Puerto Rico
    • Central America: María Estrada Sánchez, President, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica (TEC), Costa Rica.
    • Colombia: Jose Leonardo Valencia Molano, National President, Fundación Universitaria del Area Andina, Colombia
    • Mexico: Christian Jorge Torres Ortiz Zermeño, President, Universidad de Colima, Mexico
    • Southern Cone: Guillermo Tamarit, President, Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • United States: Lawrence Schovanec, President, Texas Tech University (TTU), USA

The members of each region, the Counselors, and the respective Vice President comprise the Regional Assembly.

The Regional Council’s main functions are to support the best interests of their region within the context of IOHE by approving the Regional Annual Development Plan, electing the Vice President, the Deputy Vice President, and Regional Counselors, as well as to formulate proposals for regional initiatives that support the aims of the Organization.

It holds an ordinary meeting at least once a year and an extraordinary meeting upon petition by one third of its members, as requested by the President or by the IOHE Board of Directors.

Region Country Full name HEI Position
Central America Costa Rica Katalina  Perera Consejo Nacional de Rectores – CONARE Head of Academic Division
Brazil Brazil Paulo Ivo Associação Catarinense das Fundações Educacionais – ACAFE Executive Director
Canada Canada Pedro Marquez Royal Roads University Professor of strategic management and international business
Canada Canada Marie-Claude Payette Université de Montréal Director of International Affairs
USA USA Gerardo Blanco Boston College Associate Professor & Academic Director CIHE
Mexico Mexico Santos Magaña Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Private Secretary of the General Vice Presidency
Caribbean Dominican Republic Sandra Olaya Universidad Central del Este Director of International Relations
Colombia Colombia Sandra Guarín Universidad Antonio Nariño International Relations Director
Cono Sur Argentina Luciana Tondello Universidad del Salvador Vice President of Research and Development
México Mexico Andrés Barba Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla Director of International Relations
Andean countries Bolivia Claudia Calvo Universidad Privada Domingo Savio Director of International Relations
Andean countries Peru Mariella Cantoni Universidad Tecnológica del Perú Director of International Relations

Executive director: David Julien

Planning and development direction: Fernando Daniels

Academic direction: Leticia Jimenez

Institutional relations: Claudia Nunez del Arco

Communications: Ana Maria Gonzalez

eMOVIES: Aura Maria Monsalve

Accounting: Maria Alejandra Gonzalez


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