The AIUP, new associated member of the IOHE

December 7, 2016
Written by OUI IOHE

The Asociación de Instituciones Universitarias Publicas y Privadas (AIUP) became, in December, an Associated Member of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE). This agreement is the result of the reconciliation between the IOHE’s Executive Director, Dr. David Julien, and the principal of the AIUP and President of Unihorizonte, Dr. Carlos Eduardo Rodríguez Pulido, in the framework of the most recent mission of the direction of the Organization in Colombia region.

The AIUP aims at creating a space of participation that confronts the changes and dynamics of higher education, while gathering the public and private Colombian Higher Education Institutions, in order to promote the reflection of training work at local, departmental, national, and international levels, and relying on the fundamental pillars of education: Teaching, Research, Social Projection, and Internationalization.

“The will and the efforts deployed by the IOHE and the AIUP in order to propel higher education in Colombia and in the continent are the basis of this new association that will be very prolific”, affirmed Dr. Julien. On the other hand, Dr. Rodríguez added: “For the AIUP, the affiliation to the IOHE allows our Membership to have plans and expectations in the continent and to benefit from the high quality academic services, especially during the procedures of high management and internationalization”.

The IOHE, with more than 350 members in 27 countries and 36 years of experience, is renowned internationally for its contribution to the creation of common spaces for higher education at the continental level, stimulating the implementation of innovative strategies that support its quality and pertinence.

This way, the two entities are committed to encourage the participation of their respective Memberships and motive, consequently, the debate, the reflection, as well as the present and future actions in the framework of higher education in the Americas.



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