• Canada 2017 :   Hélène David, Minister of Higher Education for Quebec, Canada
  • Ecuador 2015 : René Ramírez, Secretary of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Ecuador
  • Mexico 2013 : Jesús Ancer, President, Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León,(UANL), Mexico
  • Brazil 2012 : Marcial Rubio, President, Pontificia Católica Universidad de Perú, (PUCP), Peru
  • Canada 2010 : Vianne Timmons, President, University of Regina, Canada

National Committee

Reporting to the Steering Committee, the National Committee is comprised of representatives from institutions and organizations of the Conference host country. Its members are:

Executive Secretariat

For the 2011-2014 and 2014-2017 periods, the  Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (OUI – IOHE) acts as the CAIE Executive Secretariat.

The Executive Secretariat, established in the Université de Montréal, assumes all aspects of the organization of the CAIE, implementing decisions of the Steering Committee and working in close collaboration with the National Committee, Advisory Committee, and Academic Committee.

2017 Program

Preparing the Leaders and Innovators of Tomorrow: Research and Higher Education, Bridges to Prosperity across the Americas

The Conference of the Americas on International Education (CAIE), created in 2009, has quickly consolidated its reputation as the leading forum for the internationalization of higher education across the Americas. True to its mandate, the CAIE provides a common space for the stimulation of an open dialogue while fostering networks and strategic alliances at the bilateral, regional and multilateral level.
During its past four editions (Canada 2010, Brazil 2012, Mexico 2013 and Ecuador 2015), the CAIE initiative has brought about outstanding results ratifying its relevance as a valuable tool for the advancement of sustainable collaboration across the continent. The development of the fifth edition, to be held in Montreal in 2017, will once again offer a participative and inclusive academic space in which to discuss the challenges of our times and project the roadmaps to the future. In preparation for the challenge ahead, the Results of CAIE 2010 – 2015 and future orientations, it was concluded that the main conference theme for CAIE 2017 should focus on the following elements:

  • Comprehensive Internationalization
  • Internationalization of higher education: Linkages and research
  • The internationalization of research
  • Research, innovation and doctoral training in the process of internationalization
  • University management and internationalization
  • Government, Academia and Private Sector: allies for the internationalization of higher education
  • Governments and their national agendas for the internationalization of higher education
  • Common agendas for the internationalization of the curriculum.

2017 Webinars


TITLE : Opening Webinar : CAIE Canada-2017: Preparing the Leaders and Innovators of Tomorrow


David Julien, Executive Director, IOHE and CAIE, Canada
Francis  Brown, Executive Coordinator, National Committee,
CAIE Canada-2017
Luis Kauachi, Academic Coordinator, CAIE Canada-2017


TITLE : University Innovation and Enrepreneurship: Vectors of Socio-economic Development


Pierre Dumouchel (moderator), Executive Director, École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS), Canada
Mohamed Cheriet, Professor, Department of Automated Manufacturing Engineering, ÉTS, Canada
Richard Chénier, General Director, Centre d’entrepreneurship technologique (CENTECH), ÉTS, Canada
Damien Silès, Executive Director, Quartier de l’innovation, Canada


TITLE : The Invisible Houses: Pedagogy and Research on the Vulnerability, Resilience and Sustainability of Latin-American and Caribbean Cities

SPEAKER : Gonzalo Lizarralde, Director, IF-grif Research Group,
Université de Montréal (UDEM), Canada


TITLE : EIESTEC: Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), Lifelong Learning and Employability

SPEAKER : José Carlos Quadrado, President, Latin American and Caribbean Consortium of Engineering Institutions(LACCEI); Professor, Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa, Portugal


TITLE : EMULIES: Expansion of Access and Stratification in Brazilian Higher Education

SPEAKER : Helena Sampaio, Professor, Laboratório de Estudos de Educação Superior, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil


TITLE : Innovative Educational Models and the Development of Life-long Competencies

SPEAKER : Noor El Bawab, General Manager, District 3,
Concordia University, Canada


TITLE : Indicators for Internationalization

SPEAKER : Jocelyne Gacel-Ávila, General Coordinator, Regional Observatory on Internationalization and Networks in Tertiary Education (OBIRET), Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico


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