CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Inter-American Prize for Educational Innovation in Higher Education 2016

February 29, 2016
Written by OUI IOHE

The Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) summons its member institutions, linked to the theme of Innovative Educational Models (MEIN), to compete for the Inter-American Prize – Educational Innovation in Higher Education for 2016, through the presentation of a case of successful Innovative Educational Practices and Management within their institutions, which is compiled of current experiences with more than two years of application and partial results demonstrating their impact.

Awarding this Prize will be based on the following rules:




All IOHE member institutions from countries across the Americas that wish to present a single case of innovative, successful practices will be able to compete for the Inter-American Prize Educational Innovation in Higher Education for 2016 and who:

  • Have an institutional strategy that identifies innovation in its Educational Model as one of its projects or as part of one of its projects;
  • Have an Educational Model that is documented and disseminated;
  • Have developed an innovative project connected to its Educational Model, either in the design of its curriculum, teaching-learning process, professorial development, utilization of technology in the teaching-learning process, utilization of technology in academic management, redesign of the library and its services, increased resources in learning, social service, engagement to the community and/or to the productive sectors, evaluation of results of graduating students assessments, attention to vulnerable groups and/or those who are incapacitated, programs of access to equity or retention or graduation or the three elements, management and teaching leadership, research related to teaching, management of research, management of innovation, Cities of Knowledge, technological parks and innovative communities, training at the level of graduate studies, management of graduate studies and doctorate training, management of internationalization, inclusive outlines of student funding and dissemination of the Educational Model;
  • Demonstrate results of the impact of their respective projects translated into educational practices, while presenting quantitative and qualitative evidence that will validate these results;
  • Present all information requested in each stage of evaluation, in accordance with what was established by the procedural steps and are at the disposal of a group of experts who will assess the provided information;
  • Present a description of their projects translated into innovative practice and fill all relevant forms, while following provided instructions;
  • Participate in an IOHE Seminar to present their successful case experience;
  • Respect the deadlines.



  • Three weeks after the deadline to present the innovative educational practices in the initial format, the institutions accepted to compete for the Prize will be informed and invited to make a presentation at the IOHE Seminar on Innovative Educational Models. The names of the selected institutions will be included in the final convocation of the Seminar.
  • The selected institutions, and after the presentation of their experience during the Seminar, will receive a certificate of participation recognizing their innovative educational practices.
  • During the Seminar, from the presentations and Jury’s and participants’ preliminary voting, 10 finalists will be selected and will be further evaluated afterwards. The finalists will receive a certificate. 
  • Among the finalists, and after the final stage of evaluation, the Jury will award first, second, and third place prizes for the competition. Gold, Silver and Bronze medals will be handed out respectively. The Jury can award a maximum of two additional honorary mentions. All the winning institutions or those mentioned will receive an additional certificate mentioning the recognition awarded.
  • The cases selected as finalists will be published and distributed by the IOHE, honouring medal recipients and honorary mentions.
  • The IOHE will organize three-day visits together with its top three winning institutions in order that the university leaders will able to better understand the institutions and their recognized experiences.
  • The institution winning first place will participate as a member of the Jury during the next year’s contest, and will not present new practices during that year.



The Jury will be made up of three experts in education in the Americas, who in addition to analyzing the presented documents on the institution, may also pose additional questions and seek opinions of local experts to understand the project more fully. They will all participate in the Seminar and meet at the end to deliberate and submit, to the IOHE Steering Committee, their recommendations for potential winners. The Steering Committee of the IOHE will join these three experts for the selection of the winning practices and for the time of the selection process.

The participants’ vote at the Seminar will also be taken into consideration by the IOHE Steering Committee, who has the final decision on the winner of the Prize.
Two weeks after the Seminar is held, the name of the winning institutions will be disseminated.



  • Convocation and preliminary presentation of Innovative Practices (see the format of the presentation in Appendix 1). Pre-selection. February 15th to March 31st.
  • Invitation of pre-selected institutions to the Seminar. Sent in complete presentations of their respective innovative practices. April 15th to 30th.
  • Seminar. Conference of experts and presentation of successful practices, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Selection of finalists. June 23rd to 24th.
  • Second stage of evaluation and deliberation of the Selection Committee. Winners are disclosed. July 15th.
  • Publication of the finalists’ practices. Award Ceremony and launch of the book. XXXVI General Assembly of the IOHE in 2016, Guadalajara, Mexico, November 25th.



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