CAMPUS is one of five Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) academic programs. It aims to provide a space for discussion, analysis and reflection on the social responsibility of universities and higher education institutions (HEIs) of the Americas. It also aims to promote opportunities for inter-institutional collaboration in order to strengthen doctoral training and high-level research and to boost innovative strategies to construct both online and face-to-face opportunities for international cooperation.


To become a space for dialogue and actions that will strengthen the social commitment of the universities of the Americas in order to strengthen their teaching and research capacities on the basis of joint efforts among member institutions.



Doc-CAMPUS aims to contribute to the consolidation of institutional capacities in teaching and research, to the development of high-level research, to the internationalization of doctoral programs and to the creation of research networks and incubators. It aims to multiply possibilities for knowledge generation through active cooperation between institutions to build on strengths and to establish flexible and organized research systems that will promote scientific excellence through multi- inter- and transdisciplinary approaches.

Activities: Seminars, Publications, Joint missions, Fairs and Networking


This sub-program addresses the analysis and discussion of the social mission of universities. It seeks to provide an academic reflection on challenges related to student access, equity, diversity, inclusion, and continuity in HEIs. It also seeks to construct and promote ethical values in our universities, through the various strategies and innovative models for outreach, which will establish productive links with the social environment and, in turn, contribute to enhancing regional sustainability and development.

Activities: Spaces for discussion and the construction of an observatory of best practices and trends

Virtual Mobility of Higher Education (eMOVIES) Program

This initiative, called eMOVIES from its designation in Spanish, aims to promote international cooperation among HEIs and to take advantage of inter-institutional networking to create opportunities for the internationalization of higher education. It seeks to increase the number of students that have the possibility of engaging with different university systems and styles of learning and teaching, and of sharing academic experiences with students from other countries through virtual mobility, by making use of the capabilities provided by technology.



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