Conference: “Autogestión personal” Curso IGLU 2022

September 14, 2022
Written by OUI IOHE

The opening of the conference featured welcoming words from Dr. Gabriela Narvaez, Academic Coordinator of the IOHE Virtual Classroom, who also introduced the speaker, Lucie Burgaud, Psychotherapist, Coach and International Consultant.

Subsequently, the speaker addressed the topic “Personal self-management”, beginning with an introduction from the leadership and sharing her expertise on the subject from her career, in addition to the evolution it has had and its importance. At the end, she answered the questions and comments of the participants.

The event ended with thanks to our invited expert for the excellent conference and the farewell to the participants by Dr. Narvaez.

This event is part of the virtual IGLU Course 2022, which has 5 modules:

-MODULE I: Strategic management

-MODULE II: Knowledge management

-MODULE III: Resource management

MODULE IV: Personal self-management

MODULE V: Project management

The course is attended by 60 executives and managers from 23 higher education institutions from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.


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