Keynote Conference: Perspectives on Higher Education Leadership, Current Challenges and Decision Making

August 5, 2022
Written by OUI IOHE

Virtual University Management and Leadership Program- IGLU Course 2022

The opening of the IGLU Course 2022 featured words of welcome and presentation of the course by Dr. Leticia Jiménez, OUI Academic Director, who also introduced the keynote speaker, Doug Parkin, Principal Leadership and Management Advisor, Advance HE, United Kingdom.

Subsequently, the speaker presented the topic Perspectives on Higher Education Leadership, Current Challenges and Decision Making, addressing subtopics such as leadership in Higher Education Institutions, the current changes that they are experiencing, qualities and conditions for successful leadership and decision making. . Likewise, he carried out a series of interactive activities about leadership and decision making. She concluded by highlighting the importance of good leadership in Higher Education Institutions.

The event ended with a thank you to the invited expert for the excellent lecture and the farewell by Dr. Jiménez.

This course is designed to accompany the professional and personal growth of each of its participants. Through experiential reflection in five major areas of management in HEIs, we promote an exchange of experiences with an inter-American perspective that will allow you to have different visions of the reality that is lived in the dashboards in the different contexts of our continent.

The Virtual University Management and Leadership Program has 5 modules:
-MODULE I: Strategic management
-MODULE II: Knowledge management
-MODULE III: Resource management
MODULE IV: Personal self-management
MODULE V: Project management

The course is attended by 60 executives and managers from 23 higher education institutions from Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Uruguay.


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