The Inter-American Space for Higher Technical and Technological Education (EIESTEC) was born in 2014, as a result of the first meeting organized by the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE), whose purpose is to strengthen the training, research and innovation of the short careers of the technical and technological Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) of the Americas. This program meets the need of the HEIs to share experiences in order to create a network for communication, integration and development adapted to its own characteristics.

The IOHE formally adopted EIESTEC as its last program in 2018 after a series of four annual meetings that mobilized the sector.

At present, IOHE continues to be the integration space par excellence that promotes training, research and innovation in technical and technological Higher Education Institutions of the Americas, through the axes that are defined as follows:

  • Integration: A space to facilitate institutional collaboration, identification of good practices and use of consolidated experiences.
  • Training: A space to offer opportunities for professional development to teachers and managers of technical and technological education.
  • Research: A space to learn more about what the HEIs offer in the sector and to promote applied research.

EIESTEC Meetings

Addressing the first axis of Integration, the IOHE has created the EIESTEC Meetings, which are held every year in collaboration with HEIs and which has established itself as the meeting place par excellence of the Americas dedicated to the area of technological and technological HEIs.

The EIESTEC Meetings are structed around keynote addresses, thematic panel sessions, workshops and presentations of best practices and successful experiences that are of great interest and relevance to technology and technological HEIs of the Americas.

Graduated EIESTEC

In order to offer training programs adapted to the needs to technical and technological HEIs, the EISTEC analyzed their training needs and will offer e-learning products to its members as early as in 2019.


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