The Institute for University Management and Leadership (IGLU) is an Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) program founded in 1983 that has trained and continues to train hundreds of executives in the Americas. Through the implementation of a portfolio of products and services, the IGLU directly responds to the needs of IOHE members by through the training, updating, improvement and strengthening of their management teams.

At present, IOHE continues to support member institutions in the processes of training, improvement and consolidation of their human teams dedicated to academic, strategic and administrative management through the following initiatives:

IGLU Courses

These continuing education training courses aimed at university directors, with both face-to-face and virtual components (blended-learning), focus on the improvement of management skills, based on the analysis of real cases, of HEIs through discussion spaces to share experiences, in order to intervene in current issues to through innovative projects.

IGLU Specialized Courses

Face-to-face and/or virtual professional development training courses, focused on specific activities for management teams, with particular topics allowing to strengthen or deepen the competences in specific topics of the different areas of the operation of the HEI.

IGLU Top-Management Seminars

Short, face-to-face, training program for top-level managers who are seeking to acquire knowledge specific to their functions and thus strengthen their decision-making processes.

Thematic Seminars and Specialized Workshops

Short training sessions and/or support, offered to an institution or a group of institutions taking advantage of the IGLU expert network, in order to respond to specific needs linked to the processes experienced by the member institutions.

IGLU Internships

Short-term experience abroad designed specifically for a manager or a group of managers, who is or are IOHE members, which helps take advantage of successful experiences at other HEIs for the improvement of their management skills.


Compilation of best practices, successful cases and innovative projects among IOHE members for dissemination and study.


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