IOHE and Universidad de Guanajuato strengthen collaboration

April 22, 2021
Written by OUI IOHE

In a virtual event, the signing of a letter of understanding was held between the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) and Universidad de Guanajuato (UG), which will be valid for five years.

This bilateral agreement has the purpose of strengthening collaboration ties, which translates into the organization of joint academic and scientific activities, as well as courses, conferences, seminars, symposia or talks; the development of collaborative research, teaching and extension projects, within the framework of the OUI programs, as well as the educational programs of UG.

The president, Dr. Luis Felipe Guerrero Agripino, explained that this firm gives continuity to the previous years of collaboration, and highlighted the importance of the University of Guanajuato having a presence at IOHE, as he said they have the opportunity to be present in the national and international agenda.

He recognized in turn that this firm implies a great commitment, and maintained that, to correspond to this, there is already a work route and opportunities are visualized in areas such as virtual mobility.

For his part, Dr. David Julien, Executive Director of IOHE, said that this signing is given at an opportune moment, and “entering a new era of collaboration, opens great doors to strengthen our institutional relationship”, and stressed that IOHE always draws on institutional strengths and provides spaces for the best academics to share knowledge through its programs.

The event also included the participation of Dr. Sergio Antonio Silva Muñoz, Academic Secretary of UG, who referred to some of the great opportunities that will benefit the university, including collaborating in projects such as the Conference of the Americas on International Education, which has the mission of promoting the formation of academic networks in support of the formation of priority thematic research in Higher Education Institutions.

Similarly, Dr. Salvador Hernández Castro, Planning Director of UG, said that this collaboration will pay to realize the goals of the Institutional Development Plan with its vision for 2030, in which an institution with a wide educational offer is projected of excellence, pertinent, equitable, inclusive, intercultural and continuously renewed, both in face-to-face, distance or mixed modality.

The document was signed, as representative of the Universidad de Guanajuato, by the President, Dr. Luis Felipe Guerrero, and by Dr. David Julien, IOHE Executive director.


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