MEIN IOHE 2016 Seminar : Opening the door to innovation

June 29, 2016
Written by OUI IOHE

The Seminar on Innovative Educational Models (MEIN) of the Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) was held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, on June 23rd and 24th, 2016, with 78 participants of 51 institutions representing 15 countries.

The participants had the opportunity to be enriched by the experiences shared by three experts in the field, coming from Chile, Argentina, and Costa Rica; the presentation of the 34 innovative practices of the pre-finalist institutions competing for the Inter-American Prize for Educational Innovation; and an atmosphere that facilitated networking.

“It was extremely gratifying to observe that important participation recorded in the event. The Dominican Republic is the perfect scenario to encourage exchanges at various levels among those who are present here,” said the Executive Director of the IOHE Dr. David Julien, in his welcoming speech.

“The IOHE is currently setting its 2017-2022 Strategic Guidelines and taking into account the strong response of our members towards this very first competition, and the need to support innovative educational efforts, as well as the variety and the quality of the proposals that we have heard about these two days. This will help us define how to meet the demands of the HEIs”, he added at the end of the event.

The practices of the finalists of the Award were published in a book that is available for the Membership as of November 25, 2016, within the framework of the General Assembly of the IOHE and the International Book Fair, in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The next steps, regarding the Prize, as well as the dozens of events and training courses offered by the IOHE in 2016 will be available in our Plan of Activities.



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