IOHE Southern Cone work mission

April 25, 2023
Written by OUI IOHE

The Executive director of the IOHE carried out a work mission to the Southern Cone Region, during which the Regional Assembly was held, among other meetings.

The event was chaired by Doctor Guillermo Tamarit, President of Universidad Nacional del Noroeste de la Provincia de Buenos Aires – UNNOBA and Regional Vice President of the IOHE Southern Cone at the facilities of this higher education institution.

The Regional Assembly had the participation of rectors of the member universities of this region and representatives of different HEIs of the membership that were linked to the meeting by Zoom.

During this mission, the Executive Director of IOHE had the opportunity to meet with the Minister of Education of Argentina, Jaime Perczyk, and for this meeting he had the company of Guillermo Tamarit, President UNNOBA and Southern Cone IOHE VP , and the the IOHE Southern Cone regional councilors: Alfredo Lazzeretti, President of Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata – UNMdP, Osvaldo Cabarello, President of Universidad Nacional del Este (Paraguay) y Walter Wallach, President, Universidad Nacional de Hurlingham – UNAHUR

Likewise, the day included a meeting with Unidad de Vinculación del Consejo de Rectores de Universidades Privadas (CRUP) and part of the team from the Canadian Embassy in Argentina.


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