Recommended Publication / Connective Internationalization: The Curriculum in a Networked World

August 8, 2020
Written by OUI IOHE

“In this document, the authors, Maria Veronica Pena Seminario and Maria Claudia Aponte Gonzalez, align vanguard concepts and practices in education, in order to develop an effective approach and strategy for the internationalization of the curriculum that evidences the importance of the creation of knowledge networks so that each institutional actor, from their role and position, can contribute to the entanglement that makes it possible for an HEI to become or consolidate itself as an international class institution. This work complements and advances in relation to other approaches in the internationalization of higher education. ”

This book undoubtedly constitutes a considerable contribution to all professionals and academics of IES members of the OUI interested in strengthening our alliances and consolidating our network.

Download the publication in Spanish here


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