Agreement signed between IOHE and RECLA

April 13, 2018
Written by OUI IOHE

Cordoba, Argentina, April 13 2018 – The Inter-American Organization for Higher Education (IOHE) is glad to announce the signing of an agreement with The Continuing Education Network in Latin-American and Europe (RECLA).

A sign of the dynamism of the university community, this agreement opens numerous horizons for its partners. Composed of over 350 member higher education institutions (HEIs) and associations in 28 countries across the Americas, IOHE currently reaches more than 5 million decision makers, directors, professors, researchers, and students who can now benefit from the new relationship with RECLA, which currently has 82 members from 16 countries in Latin-America and Europe and continues to attract new partners.

From left to right : Marco Lorenzatti, Secretary Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, Universidad Blas Pascal (Argentina) and president of RECLA, Dr. Arq. Hector Floriani, vice-president of the Southern Cone OUI, Dr. José Alejandro Consigli, Rector, Universidad Blas Pascal, member of RECLA, and Dr. David Julien, Executive director of OUI

IOHE and RECLA are committed to encouraging their affiliated higher education institutions to be part of a common collaborative space which promotes dialogue, reflection, and action, on the current state of higher education and its future prospects.

Focused on collaboration in the field of lifelong learning, this framework agreement between IOHE and RECLA puts in place common innovative strategies for best practices and supports sectoral progress and addressing challenges related to higher education.

IOHE will provide RECLA with a wide range of academic products through its CAMPUS, COLAM, EMULIES, and IGLU programs. It is also in the context of this agreement, and to further strengthen ties with RECLA, that Dr. Leticia Jiménez, Executive Director of IGLU, will travel to Panama May 17 and 18 to participate in RECLA’s regional meeting. Her participation in its discussion panels will provide an opportunity to present IGLUs various seminars and to share her vision regarding higher and continuing education.

Through its large variety of academic training programs, The Institute for University Leadership and Management (IGLU) contributes to the development of new generations of university directors. Since 1983, IGLU has offered ongoing training to university directors (regional directors, deans, vice-presidents, presidents, etc…). Over 20,000 individuals have benefited from its programs.


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